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Today unfortunately approximately 50% of marriages will end in divorce. Whether you are sure that it is time to end your marriage or you are still contemplating a separation or a divorce, it is important to understand your rights under New Jersey law.


We help clients achieve a just and fair result when seeking a divorce.


The assistance of an experienced matrimonial attorney in the early stages of a divorce is crucial to help preserve your financial and emotional health.


Depending on your personal situation there are different options for every client. Spouses looking to get divorced who have not accumulated significant marital property and have no issues of child support, alimony, or custody can usually quickly obtain a divorce and without large expenses.

Complex cases that bring into controversy, child custody, support, alimony, property distribution, etc. are more involved and expensive; our firm has had both joyous and horrifying experiences in matrimonial litigation. We always recommend the high road and genuinely you should always try to resolve these cases amicably however we also stand ready to roll up our sleeves and fight your battle, at your side, till the very end. These types of divorces can often bring a lot of frustration, however, rest assured that with our firm you will receive the personal attention you deserve.


In New Jersey, most property acquired during a marriage is subject to “equitable distribution.” We take pride in our responsibility to acquire as many assets as possible for our clients. Often rather than have a judge determine who gets what, we will work with your spouse to attempt a peaceful property settlement agreement whereby all parties walk away from the marriage satisfied with the outcome.


We represent our clients in divorce actions, alimony and child support disputes, custody, parent time-sharing, palimony adoption matters, and domestic violence complaints. Our team also regularly handles the full array of post-judgment issues such as alimony and child support modification proceedings and appeals. We are also available to mediate matrimonial disputes.

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