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Municipal Court Defense 


Mr. Legg regularly defends clients in municipal courts throughout New Jersey on all charges, specifically, DWIs, drug offenses, motor vehicle violations, disorderly persons offenses and petty disorderly persons offenses. We have successfully represented hundreds of clients in these difficult matters. Our office handles criminal defense municipal court work in all New Jersey Counties EXCEPT Hudson County. If you have a criminal defense matter in Hudson County please do not contact this office, as Mr. Legg can not represent anyone with a criminal case in Hudson County. Should you have a municipal court matter outside of Hudson county, kindly contact us at your earliest convenience, so that we may discuss your defense options.


We take pride in being very well-prepared and are willing to take any case to trial if that is what you wish.












Motor Vehicle Violations


Clients will often contact us to represent them in a Municipal Court matter after a police officer stops and gives them a ticket. In New Jersey, moving violations may carry with it, what is known as "points". These points may be assessed against your license by the Department of Motor Vehicle and can carry serious consequences. The consequences may be insurance surcharges and some insurance companies may increase premiums based upon the number of points assessed to a person’s driver's license. Therefore, if you have received a moving violation, we recommend that you contact us so that we can tell how we can assist you in attempting to reduce the number of points to zero or to plea bargain with the prosecutor to a lesser charge so that you are not assessed higher fines an points against your license.









Driving Under the Influence, Drug Charges, and other Criminal and Quasi-Criminal charges 

After nearly 15 years, practicing extensively in Bergen, Hudson and Essex Counties in municipal courts, we at the Legg Law Firm understand the stressful nature and complications when you're accused of driving under the influence or other charges.  We possess an intimate knowledge of New Jersey DUI laws and regularly stay updated on the current changes in the law.  Just recently in December of 2019, DUI penalties and sentencing changed dramatically.  Our skilled advocacy coupled with personal attention and clear communication with our clients should hopefully make this sometimes painful process, easier on you. 

If you've been arrested or already charged please contact us the Legg Law Firm immediately, before making statements to the police as that could seal your fate. You are never obliged to make incriminating statements and only a seasoned attorney can help you avoid costly errors and secure a favorable outcome.






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