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Our attorney and staff have both personal and many years of professional experience with buying and selling properties. We own residential and investment properties. We understand how significant the process of buying or selling a home is. We are very well connected to our community and can be of assistance in referring you to other key professionals throughout your entire process.


Our lawyers will create or review all contracts, negotiate any and all items you think is important, assist with title issues, and prepare final documents. We handle your closing from A - Z and we strive to make sure you are happy with the experience of buying or selling a home. 



We handles most aspects pertaining to commercial properties.  

We represent clients in all aspects of real estate, including, financing, leasing, sales and acquisitions, land use

planning, zoning, environmental and tax-related issues. 

We have experience in zoning, planning and permitting for commercial, industrial, office uses and residential subdivisions to procure approvals from local, state and federal agencies.



If you are a community association or CO-OP needing representation we can be of assistance. We have represented different Community Associations in drafting rules, procedures, and providing advice on operating procedures and compliance with government regulations. Our real estate lawyers review and negotiate contracts and litigate claims on behalf of Associations.


We have been on both sides of these cases. Together we have experienced having to evict our own tenants and also landlords trying to evict us. We know how serious and stressful these situations can be.

There’s an old saying we learn in law school, “a person’s home is their castle” nothing is more threatening than someone trying to overtake that castle, or on the contrary, the wrong person occupying it.

No matter which side of the fence you are on, we can help. We have much experience negotiating with landlords or tenants in early stages, ultimately leading to a suitable outcome for both parties. We attempt to resolve these matters, with a kind heart, so both parties walk away happy while keeping YOUR wishes and best interests first and foremost


Don’t let someone else or a bank take away your home! New Jersey has laws that help Banks must follow before taking away your home. You have an absolute right to defend yourself in these proceedings and should contact an attorney, like us, who may be able to help you.

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