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Falling Down



Our law firm represents clients who are injured as a result of their involvement in their place of employment. Worker's compensation cases allow employees to file a lawsuit based on the injuries they have incurred while employed. We have successfully represented clients in helping them achieve the monetary damages they are entitled to as a result of their injuries. It is important to notify your employer of your injury as soon as it occurs, therefore we recommend that you immediately consult our attorney to discuss your case, find out its strengths and weaknesses, and learn whether or not a worker’s compensation case is an option. 

We will discuss your matter with you and help guide you in the best direction. Many employees are fearful of filing a worker's compensation case, worrying that their employer will take negative actions towards them if such a suit is filed. It is important to realize the New Jersey Law protects the employee in these types of situations and often it is the employer’s insurance company, not the employer directly, who is compensating the employee for their work-related incident.


If you have been injured do not hesitate, contact us immediately so that we can help get you the monetary damages that you deserve.















If you were recently involved in a car accident, we are sorry to hear this. Your health and safety is the number one priority. We practice with this concept being central to our thinking. The process of filing a civil lawsuit arising out of an automobile accident can be a difficult and confusing process. Here at the Legg Law Firm will be very frank with you and let you know from the start whether your cases are worth pursuing. In fact, in the past, we have turned clients away because we personally did not believe in the merits and damages of their case. We do not consider ourselves a high-volume personal injury law firm. Therefore, we only handle cases that we genuinely believe in; cases where clients have been truly injured and where their damages deserve compensation.

We will be happy to sit with you to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your case. 

Potential clients who believe they have a serious personal injury case should feel free to contact us immediately. We will discuss the merits of your case and should you decide to become our client, we look forward to walking you through every step of the process.


The typical period of discovery ( the time for which both sides have to exchange all the information) in New Jersey for these types of accidents is usually 300 days. That means, the personal injury litigation can be a long and tiring process. An often complaint of other attorneys is often, said to be, their lack of communication with their clients.


We pride ourselves in constant communication and want clients to realize that throughout this long tiring process, you are free to contact us as often and as much as you please. Sometimes, clients need a little reassurance that their file is being worked on and that their matter is being tended to. We know that no client wants to go months without speaking with their attorney and therefore we put our best efforts forth to keep our clients in the loop as much as possible; to have you understand every step of the process because ultimately, you, the client, are our boss.


It is you, the client, who decides and ultimately controls the destiny of your case. As attorneys, we believe our primary responsibility is not to tell you what to do but to lay out all the options that you have. This is true not only in our personal injury practice but in every area of law in which we specialize. We as you to contact our law firm immediately if you have been involved in one of these accidents.

Through our free consultation, we can assist to guide you by setting forth your options and putting you on the path to achieving the damages that you deserve.


Good people sometimes come to us after being personally injured from a trip and fall accident. Landowners sometimes neglect the care of their property. Whether it is a business owner allowing water to accumulate on their floor causing a dangerous condition or a landowner neglecting their property, property owners sometimes make these mistakes and those mistakes can be at your expense.


We work with many experts in the area to evaluate the conditions involved with your fall. Our experts will analyze the conditions of the area where you fell. We successfully represented clients in the past who have been injured as a result of negligent landowners and we look forward to discussing your case so that you have all the information you need to then decide whether or not a lawsuit will be beneficial in your specific situation.















Often construction sites can be a dangerous environment for any employee, guest, invitee, and such. Sometimes corporations, management companies, and landowners allow their construction sites to become negligent and dangerous. If you have been injured on a construction site we will be happy to discuss your case so that you can then decide what the next best step for you is. If you have been injured at such a site, please contact our law firm immediately and we will be happy to help you make sense of your situation.



Have you been injured as a result of somebody else harming you? We have represented clients in the past who have suffered a severe personal injury as a result of a physical attack. Sometimes these attacks can come from a stranger, a friend, or an abusing partner. The law permits compensation for your personal injury if caused by the intentional and negligent harm of another. If someone hurts you physically it is important to fight back, but not with your fist, with the means of the law and the means which society puts forth and makes it readily available to you. There is an old saying “revenge is bliss”. We believe the best revenge is legal revenge. Do not take out your physical anger and frustration by lowering yourself to the level of the person who harmed you. We recommend you use the law because the law is the revenge and after receiving the damages you deserve. The old saying “revenge is bliss” will make the most sense to you without that revenge being further physical harm.

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